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Permanent Wave:
We use a variety of perm solutions, ie: Helene Curtis, Matrix, Zotos, etc.,  All of our solutions are for many different hair types depending on whether the hair is normal, tinted, highlighted or a combination.  We also have to take into consideration the texture, porosity and elasticity of an individual’s hair.  Our stylists are trained to choose the proper perm solution for your hair type.

Permanent Color:
We use only the finest hair coloring, Matrix Socolor.  It is an oxidation hair color crème in a honey base.  The organic honey cream base and extra moisturizing ingredients leave the hair healthy, silky and shiny.  It completely covers gray and some blonding can be done in one easy step.

Semi-Permanent Color:
Our semi-permanent color is Color Sync by Matrix.  It is designed to blend gray hair and enrich natural color.  It comes in a variety of shades and lasts up to six weeks.  (It is only recommended to be used on a certain percentage of gray.)

A cap lightening is generally used for shorter hair as long hair is difficult to pull through the cap and the client may experience some discomfort in the process.
Using foils for highlighting gives the stylist a versatility that can’t be achieved with a cap. Hair strands are selected and the stylist can use one or more colors for different shadings. Either method can be discussed with your stylist and remember:  highlighting or frosting need not be done in only blond shades, any color can be used, ie: brown, amber, red, etc.

This requires the same procedure as highlighting only a color darker than the client’s natural is used.

Roller Sets

Although today’s colors and perms are highly conditioning, sometimes damage to the hair can occur for many different reasons.  In this case we recommend Hydro Active Masque by Matrix.  This is an in-salon treatment that replenishes the vital elements that the hair may lose.  With the application of heat, proteins and conditioning agents bond with the hair for strength, shine and improved texture.

Retail Products:
Our hair care line is Matrix.  Open any of today’s fashion magazines and you find Matrix.  In our opinion, it is the finest; from cleansing and conditioning to moisturizing and styling.  We highly recommend using these exceptional products at home as we do in the salon. 

Extension Services:
Ovation also offers facial waxing (brows, lip, cheek, etc.) and manicure/pedicure services.

We carry a large selection of name brand, high quality wigs and accessories. Wig servicing available.


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